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My Jack Russell Terrier wont eat his food but likes grass

by Emma
(Braintree Essex )

I wonder if anyone can help. My JR is food phobic, he wont even walk past his food bowl. He will eat things if you feed them too him but even if I leave my plate on the floor he wont touch it.
He does eat a lot of grass when out for a walk. He seems fit and healthy and energetic. Hes 7 and an only dog. I have cats and he lets them steal his food but never eats theirs.
Any ideas?


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Sep 11, 2011
Corn in Dog food...
by: Anonymous

Sep 04, 2011
jr food phobic
by: Emma

thanks for your reply Rick, I think he does enjoy it as hes never sick. He evens stands in the river munching the really suculant grass on the edge. Ive tried all sorts on his food, gravy, butter, cheese, ham. Even cooked him bacon. The little whatsit just picks off the yummy stuff and leaves the rest. He seems food phobic to me. If i put my plate on the floor to get a drink, it doesnt matter whats on there he wont touch it or even look at it. Hes very strange as otherwise hes a very happy dog who is full of live.

Sep 04, 2011
Grass eating JRT
by: Rick

There are a few reasons why dogs eat grass. Some dogs eat it because they have an upset stomach and grass can induce vomiting. Some dogs eat it because they are supplementing for something that is missing in their diet and some dogs eat grass because they like it.
It sounds like your dog eats grass because he likes it. But I would double check with your vet to make sure of this. When he does it grass please try to make sure it is from lawns that are not treated with chemicals! Try adding some green veggies to his bowl for some extra fiber. You can also try adding some toppers to his bowl like shredded cheese, bacon bits, cottage cheese to see if that gets him to eat more of his dog food.

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