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My jack scratches up stomach

by corey brunskill
(midland,on,Canada )

I have a ,about 16 maybe 17 yr old jack. I rescued her from a shelter and they said she was bout 9 at the time. I did not want to get a dog that old but once I seen her it was love at first site, she has taught me so much about love and loyalty.
Every year around August she starts chewing away at her stomach stomach and ripping out chunks of hair , I have read some ways to make it a bit better, I put about 1 1/3 of hydrogen peroxide and the rest water and spray that on her and it seems to work.. But if I miss one day it gets worse , I want to know if what I am doing is ok and if there is any other home remedys?
I love her so much and hate to see her in any discomfort, she came from an abusive home and I wanted the rest of her life to be loving and spoiled she deserves it. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks Corey

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