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by Jenne
(Lewes D.E )

Hello people. In have a update for all of you since I haven't told you guys about them alot. SO HERE WE GO.


Ok here is the update on my Jacks. This may be alot to read so sit and get warm bacause this is going to be alot SO HERE WE GO READY 1...2...3...

Henry: my favorite dog of all always sleeps on my bed. He always thinks that it is his bed but it is not. And if you think your dog is crazy over protecting a milk bone you haven't sen mine with one yet. Ok Henry he goes in Protect mode. His eyes get big and black he carries it into his mouth.If someone looks at him he barks at you not a little alot. After we yell "EAT YOUR BONE" after 100 time he finally eats the bone. And we praise the lord for him eating it and we go on with our lives. Also Henry is growing more spots on his tummy. he is 4 years old. He is SWEET as always. I bet you all know that. Henry also watches T.V and when I play on my laptop he watches it and he gets crazy. Henry lost 1 pound and gainned it back again. We try putting him on a diet but of course every time i eat pizza I feed him the crust. And someone must have plucked his wiskers because his left eye doesn't have those short wiskers. It must have been my sister ( HINT HINT ). Ok so Henry loves it when we rub his stomach or play with his ears he needs to be warm as always. He does this cute face when he puts his face up and looks down. When we see that face we all melt and feed him. The whole family votes when he does that face we say NO but of course me again i feed him the pizza crust. Henry loves playing ball every time i throw the ball up high he waits for the ball to stop bouncing and gets it. And this is what I don't get about him when i throw the ball really far to Henry he jumps and gets the ball. Since he weighs alot he gets pains in his leg the day after he jumps when playing ball. So I try to throw the ball softly and this is what happens he jumps all the time. And when he does I clap for him bacause he is getting used to jumping and my mom is really proud of him when he jumps. And he lays down all the time and when i come home from school my mom says this to me " play ball with Henry. So that is what is happening with Henry. Hope you liked this. He is really happy with this crazy family :)

2 more dogs to go

Harley: Harley grrrr's alot like all You think that Harley is a nice sweet dog. But you all thought wrong he grrrr's all the time. And it gets annoying. try being with Henry and Harley for 1 Hour Harley will get on your nerves. Harley is good at jumping when playing ball he shakes while jumping it is really funny. Also when Harley grrrrr's we all say shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Harley is really white and he has black and brown spots on his face it is really cute. And Harley and henry play varisty ball. And you people who are reading this wondering what is that? Well it is a big orange ball and if you kick it you will think your toe is broken. It hurts when you kick it not kidding hurt like burning your finger on a hot stove. Ok I know what you want to do right now but you want to read more of this. You want to buy varisty ball. Ok Ok back to Harley. Ok you saw Harley on the picture i posted. And you are like awwwww so cute and you comment they must be good brothers and stuff like that. Well that picture was long ago if you you do that they will fight. Harley always wants to play ball like one minute after playing ball for 1 hour he wants to play again. Harley doesn't like to watch T.V orbeing picked up at all. He eats alot and still he is still skinny he wants everyone to pet him. You know what he does he scratches your head and he scrtches your hand. And Henry and Harley always start fights he grrrrr's that is how they start fights. Harley is over protected when Henry is on the bed he grrrr's at Henry that is when you just want to push him off the bed. Once you get to know Harley you think he is sweet cute adorrble and the best dog. Well you think wrong I think i already typed that but I just wanted you to know again. Also Harley stands near the fire pit outside with the balls and chucket. When Harley barks my mom says " play ball with the dogs". Also since our backyard is filled with water when I try getting Henry's ball Harley gets into the rain water. And when I come in I have to get a towel and dry them both off it is really hard and annoying after you do it every day. Ok this is the update on Harley. And remember if you ever meet him you think he is cute nice addorible well he is grrring all the time remember that if you ever meet him,

1 more dog to do a update on

Eliot: Eliot he is still alive which is a shocker he is 15 years old. He is lazy and he is getting foggey eyes. He has so many problems witch is weird he is peeing blood so we took him to the vets. He still barks at other dogs and we thought that he was over that. He goes really slow when he has to go out but when he comes in he is like a Speedy jet Pack. When we took him to the vets he had a bladder problem wtich was scary. So we keep him in a cage and he gets not much water to drink because he will pee more. Eliot is loosing his hearing and when we have to yell to let him hear us. we are all worrying about him if he is going to throw up or pee in the house or when his time comes. eliot is doing fine just to let you know he is sleeping right now.

So that is the update on our Jacks i hope you like it.

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