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My JRT Bit my brother

by Daniela

Hi, i have a 10 month old JRT, he is so loving with us, but when he sees someone running he tries to bite them. He bit a kid the other day that just passed by. And my brother yesterday, he wanted to get some food and my brother picked him up and he snapped and bit his hand (took skin off and everything). I am so worried because he is so loving. I do not understand the aggressive behavior. We have him in classes, he is potty trained, and well mannered. But this is an issue. My vet recommends to neuter him. Is this the solution? What else can we do?
I am affraid that he will be very aggressive towards my kids once we decide to have them.
Thank you

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May 17, 2013
Biting = Good Training
by: TJC

Just to offer my Unprofessional opinion on your puppies Biting issue. I feel that Proper Training - by the Dog Owner - is a Huge part of being able to live in Harmony with each other. I say, if he / she is biting, Stop whatever you are doing to cause him / her to bite and tell them in a loud voice, "That is BAD" and turn 90 degrees in the opposite direction - your back to the dog. Just stand there for a minute, making the dog think about what it did that was so wrong. They Hate it when you turn your back to them, especially when they have been scolded. You have to be consistent with this action, until the puppy / dog realizes that the "Fun Time" is over...I am confident that the Dog / JRT will learn real quickly and find some other way to play when people run past.
All I can say is; Give this a try for a while and see how your puppy reacts. Trial and Error is all you can do.

May 14, 2013
biting jack
by: aj

Hi I think getting your dog neutered will change a lot of things for him. My Jack used to bite my husband on the ankle when they would play and my husband would walk away. He still will play bite with him. He never got away with that with me, he knew and knows better. When he would come near my ankles as a pup (he's almost 3 now) I would say loudly excuse me. He knew to back off. When he was a pup and in the biting mood I would scream loudly owwwww. He would back off. Jacks are clever but need constant training as they want to be boss. I have a very mild mannered Jack. He is a perfect little man, he could be better with other dogs but very loving with us and our kids. I have a grandchild coming soon and I hope he'll be ok around the baby but then I know I have to be consistent with the training. They are the best dogs in the world. I love my Jack more than anything in the world. Good luck with your pup.

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