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My JRT saved my life

by Joshua
(Akron Ohio)

It was on the worst day of my life, when the greatest thing happened. I meet "Cooper" (short for D.B. Cooper) the morning after watching my younger brother lose his battle with cancer. He was only 33 and in great shape, worked out, eat healthy, had a great job which he loved, and just loved life. I was in marriage that was draining my will to live out of me. My wife ad been talking about getting a dog from a friend of hers that had a litter of Jack Russel/chihuahua puppies (Jackchi's they are called) for about a month. I wanted nothing to with getting a dog, especially a little yappy dog. We already had 2 cats that my wife and her daughter didn't take care of. Which was the deal with getting them in the first place, I worked a ton of hours and didn't want to do pet chores and if that meant no pets I was fine with that. The only thing easier to take care of than a cat is a pet rock. And if they couldn't manage cats I knew there was no way they would properly take care of a dog. But against my strong protest she shows up a my mom's house on sunday oct 21st. the day after saying goodbye to my brother at hospice. She had just come back from visiting her aunt out of state. She had left the day after my brother went into hospice and he was fading fast but left the wednesday prior anyways. I see get out of the car and immediatly produce a lil dog from the back seat. She is so excited and tries to hand him to me. Completely oblivious to my feelings, not even a fake "I'm so sorry" just straight to what she got. I politley told her not now and she left and when home, only 3 miles from my moms house. My life continued going south from there. I lost my job for missing 3 days for my brother death, started abusing pain killers and sunk into utter depression. Meanwhile this lil dog who, the more I ignored him the more he tried to get my attention and affection. They say "persistance wears down resistance" and it is true. The morning about a month later I woke to a white and black face staring back at me. Cooper had some how worked his way on my arm next to me as if I were spooning him. I was his from that point on, but our bond only continued to grow. Fast forward 6 months divorced is filed and the first thing I grab when being told to leave is Cooper (the dog I did not want At All 6 months ago). I cannot fully express in words how much he has impacted my life all for the good. He is the deffinition of unconditional love. And when I was so depressed that I didnt even want to get out of bed, he would get me moving. His energy and love of life continues to amaze me. His love made me actually want to continue living. Its been a tough 1.5 yrs since he showed up ( which I consider to truly be the work of God). The worse it got the stronger Cooper's love became. He is such a character, from crawling inside my shirt and sleeping on my chest to trying to kill the garbage truck for getting to close to me. Somehow he could tell when I used drugs and would sleep with my mom and stay away from me for a while to show me that he knew and was dissapointed. Weather or not he could really tell and was punishing me for bad behavior or I just perceived it. the result was the same, I got clean and have stayed for over a year. I have almost completely dug myself out of the whole I was in, and no longer on any anti depressants. If you would have told me 2 yrs ago that I would be so in love with a tiny dog that I would make up songs to sing to him and be writing posts about how incredible he is on social media. I would have told you to share what ever drugs you were taking. But here I am. His caring doesn't stop with me either. When our female Sharpei had her first litter last year, Cooper was just as if not more attentive to the puppies than the mother was. He even tried laying down so they could nurse on him, it was hilarious. We ended up keeping 2 of the puppies, so now we have mom, dad and son and daughter sharpeis. we share custody with my other brother usually 2 here 2 there. Cooper gets along great with all of them, and even at 1/4 their size he is the Alpha. Every couple of days I have to clean out all the dogs treats and toys out from under the couch (which is Cooper's personal fort) and the other dogs dont fit. What ever he is doing, whether playing, loving, protecting ect. he does it at 200%. I only hope to someday be the man he thinks I am now!

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