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My little Lola

by Liezel Boonzaier

Lola - 7 weeks old

Lola - 7 weeks old

I have always loved dogs and had many as a child that I would take home after finding them in the streets. I have always wanted another and my boyfriend of 3 years suprised me in May for my birthday and our anniversary with a little puppy who is now called Lola. She was 1.75kg when we got her and she was born on the 1st of April. A week before I got her I read your webpage and just couldnt get enough, so I was well prepared for what came home ... polkadot bed and all :-)

She just loves to cuddle. She always comes up to your neck and puts her nose right behind your hairline. Alternatively she loves to sleep on my boyfriend's chest. She has her moments of being naughty and pulling flowers out of the garden and brining them around but the joy she has brought to our lives is incredible. We have never felt anything like this for a little dog before. And the man in my life that just couldn't understand why I wanted a dog so bad .... is completely head over heals in love with her and now states: that he can't imagine not having Lola!

We love our little JRT and I hope that everyone else out there feels the same love! They truly are special.

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Sep 20, 2011
by: Bowser & Brie's Mommy

We love our JRTs. Can't imagine life without them. What joy, laughter (and sometimes frustration!) they bring. My husband was NOT a dog (or pet) person, but he is smitten with Miss Brie who arrived in March 2011 to our home. She'd been abandoned in a rental house and we cannot figure out why! She's such a love. JRTs are the BEST!

Jun 28, 2011
La la la la Lola
by: Tom

Glad to hear the website prepared you! Sounds like your Lola has really enriched your life polka dot bed and all. It's amazing to imagine life before my Jack's too.

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