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My little Sprocker rocker

by Kate
(Kalispell, MT)

My JRT Sprocket has always been my favorite dog. We wanted a dog that was strong, durable (for Montana weather), and easy to care for in one little package. Right now, he is seven years old (he only seems about three or four!)

One day, everyone was at work and school, Sprocket was in his dog run in the yard. A common black bear or a cougar must have came along and pulled down the chain-link fence down from the metal bar. Sprocket must have been very traumatized...when we returned home, we noticed the pulled-down part of the fence followed by black hairs.

From that day, Sprocket has never ever EVER liked an animal that was larger than him. He barks, barks, and barks we are guessing because he is threatened. He is a good guard dog, however, we want him to like other dogs that are larger than him. He only likes dogs that are the same size as him.
How can we solve this?

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Nov 05, 2010
Thanks :)
by: Kate ans Sprockie

Thanks for commenting :)

Maybe I better try that hm?

Oct 25, 2010
scared of big dogs
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem with my JRT not liking big dogs. He barks like crazy. I adopted him when he was just 1 years old and I found out that he didnt have social skills with large dogs. My father in law has a lab and when he came over with him all he did was bark. So what we do now is we put him on a leash and when he barks we pull him tight and make him sit next to us to calm him down. It last longer each time we do that. This will be over time that he gets over the large dog of course but its a start.
Good luck

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