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My moms 4 month old jack russell is driving her crazy

by gregory

Hello, my mom and dad wanted to get a dog, because the one we had before died , 2 years ago , and this was the right time to do so.

My parents have the dog for like 10 days now, at first he pooped wherever and urinated wherever he wanted.

After 3-4 days of my mom using the word NO , and trying to teach him where to take a poop or a leak,it seemed that things went better.For 4 days he didnt pee or poo indoors.

last 3-4 days, he is urinating and pooping everywhere you can imagine.He has a standard schedule for eating, but he doesnt poo or pee at specific times.

He seems to get mad , and try to revenge my mom whenever she cleans his poop and shouts at him - trying to discipline him- and then he reacts even worse.

Please help me, my mom is in great trouble, and i want her to feel better and enjoy the company of the dog , and vice versa ofc

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Sep 12, 2012
"Oh s**t!"
by: Anonymous

House breaking can be frustrating but you need to remain calm.
1. A puppy should be taken out after each meal to a spot they usually have peed or pooped in before, thus reenforcing the idea of where is "the right spot" to pee or poop. Also you need to watch them if they seem to be looking for the right spot indoors.
2. Don't yell at the puppy. remain calm, pick the dog up if he is in process and take him outside.
3. Praise your dog liberally if they go outside.
4. Above all, remain calm (refer to #2). It will help you keep your blood pressure from skyrocketing and keep your puppy from getting frustrated and paranoid!
Best of luck!

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