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My Niku

We adopted Niku from the local shelter this past December and he totally lives up to the standard of Jack Russell Terrier! A great bundle of energy and endless surprises for sure =)

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May 30, 2010
by: Robbin's Rescued Russells

Thank you for adopting Niku from your local shelter. It seems like the Jack Russells I rescue from a shelter, or from a situation of neglect, or a cruelty case seem to really appreciate me for helping them at a time when they needed help the most.

Have you noticed this in Niku's personality? Don't misunderstand me I still experience their "Terriorist" moments, and selective hearing at times. But over all its like they are grateful for the fact that I love them for being who they are.

I'm confident that in the future you will experience some of the best times of your lifetime since opening your heart and your home to these wonderful Terriers!! Thanks againg for choosing to adopt. Hugs,

Feb 07, 2010
He sure is a cutie!!
by: Rita

Excellent pic of your JRT, I have just signed up for this link as I myself adopted a JRT from a family who had a little one. Little Milo needed attention and a yard to run in - needless to say we have acquired another JRT. We had to have our female JRT euthanized due to medical problems. She was 8 years old. Having a male JRT certainly is different in terms of character. This little guy knows what he wants and certainly has no bones about letting you know. All of our children are grown so needless to say he is truly our baby and yes, he is spoiled. I have signed up to this blog so I myself can learn more about these little guys, there certainly is always something new with them, and they can keep you hopping.

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