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My puppy jack russel just pee in the backyard

by Emese

Hello everybody!

I have a 5 month old Jack Russel puppy, who has been already housetrained, he always signs when he wants to go out to the backyard, but if I take him for a walk to the park or just to the streets he never pee, he rather keeps it back and wait until we arrive home and his first thing to do to go out to the backyard and arrange his things.
I tried that when he woke up at 8 o'clock I didn't let him to the backyard I rather went out with him to the park -as at the morning he is always in need- so I thought he could not keep it back but he could. I was outside with him 3 hours, he was really nervous, confused, was walking higgedly-piggedly, but he didn't release on himself. After 3 hours finally he pooed but didn't peed. He was really really scared during this 3 hours, so I don't know whether it's a good idea to do this again or it's better to wait.

Maybe he is too young and if he gets older he will know it?

I don't understand why he can't dare to do it outside.

If anybody has any idea what can be the reason for this please write me.

Thank you,


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Dec 04, 2011
Jack Russell won't pee on walk
by: Sandra

It is not uncommon for puppies to not want to pee outside their comfort zone. Many dogs are creatures of habit and like to find the same spot to go. There are a few options....
1. As soon as he wakes up, take him on a walk and see if he will go then since it's been a few hours since he last went. Lavish him with praise and treats if he does go.

2. On the walk, take along a towel with his pee on it and put it down so he gets the idea of going in other places.

3. When he does go in the backyard - encourage a name pairing such as "go pee pee" and then give him a treat after he goes. Be consistent so that he gets the idea of what "pee pee" is so that when you take him on walks in the future he will understand what he needs to do and that it is ok for him to pee outside of his comfort zone.

Dec 02, 2011
the problem
by: Emese

Thank you for your comment, maybe I wrote it inaccurate, but the problem is not that he is not housebroken, because he is, he never pees in the house, just at the garden. He always signs if he wants to go out to do his things, then we let him out to the garden.
The problem if we take him to a walk, he never pees in the park during the walk. He wait till we arrive home and then he pees in the garden.
So I don't understand why he keeps it back why he can't dare to pee outside.

If anybody has any idea to this just write your comments.

Thanks again!

Dec 02, 2011
Jack Russell won't pee outside
by: Heather

I would put your Jack on a schedule. Take him out after a meal, and every 3-4 hrs. When he messes inside clean it up with paper towel, bring it with you and the dog and put it where you want him to go pee, leave it there. Don't yell at him though. Puppies have to pee very frequently until their bladders mature as they grow. Keep your eye on your pup and when it starts to pace take it outside immediately to the same place with the soiled paper towels. Have a treat with you and give it to him immediately after he pees when he is outside - so he equates good things with going outside. Eventually they pick it up. But frequent walks and being taken outside will avoid the mess inside your home.
Also, make sure to get a good enzyme based cleaner from a pet store because dogs have a very keen sense a smell and often like to revisit places they have peed before.

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