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My rescue jrt cross !!!!!

by Natalie
(Wales )

Firstly I like to say how much I love my Lola she a black & tan terrier cross 3yrs old we have her from the pound about 4wks and she's doing brilliant in most thing as pottie training she mastered brilliant we gave her a treat every time she went out side & in no time she picked it up :D but she won't leave me alone I mean she s like my shadow follows me every where & as soon as I sit down she was on my lap x but now she has started growling at anyone who try's to come near me ???????? Inc my children she has never gone for them but just sort growls to say you dare also when we first had her she was brilliant at sleeping diwn stairs now she cries & cries so she is now in my bedroom in her bed on floor !!! Any good advice xx

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May 10, 2012
JRT Cross
by: Deborah

I do not understand it either I have a Jack Mix named Patchie and he is 17 months old and he is starting to mature and he is being very over protective with me lately too and he does not growl he just nips at people on there calfs of there legs and the ankles too.How old is your Lola?Maybe you have the same problem as me as Patchie is maturing and I really think that is causing the whole problem and I really think yours is doing the same as mine.
Please keep me posted here is my email address

Good Luck!

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