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My Sisters 2 Year Old Jack Russle Is Unwell

by Felipe Erazo

Recently Coco (Male Jack Russel) has started urinating excessively, he does it without warning, and has also been dragging himself on occasions across the floor, i did read that it can be a gland. he seems shaken but we are not 100% sure why.

what can we do?

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Dec 19, 2012
So many considerations
by: Anonymous

Is your dog drinking excessively?
Is the urine especially smelly?
Has anything changed in your dogs environment? A new baby in the home? A new bed? Being restricted from some space he formerly enjoyed? Has some other animal/cat or dog visited where he might be feeling territorial?
When a dog drags their bottom across the floor, they are practicing a centuries old habit of spreading their scent. In the wild, it was perused that perhaps these animals did not get impacted because they did this. Dogs who have impacted anal glands, tend to do this , trying to open things up, so they can pass feces.
The safest thing to do about it is to allow the vet's office to examine the dog, to make sure, there isn't:
a) impacted anal glands
b) urinary tract infection or some other urinary tract issue
c) diabetes
I hope this helps.
Paddy's Mom

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