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my sisters 5 year old jack russel has started biting people

by kara

my sister 5 year old jack russel has started biting people, she has got 3 kids and have grown up with him and he has never bit them altho he did growl at her olderst son the other day whom is 10. he bit my grandad when he went to stroke him and drew blood and had to go to the hospital and then this morning the milk men put his had in the letter box to post something and he bit him (ok well i dont think he should of put his hand thro the letter box)my sister phoned the vets annonomously ad they saidhe would have to be put down. this has really got her worried as he has never neen the boss my sister has and he will do anything to her command.
any suggestions please

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Dec 04, 2011
Jack Russell suddenly biting
by: Justin

Since your sister's Jack Russell is suddenly biting out of the blue - I would have her take him to the vet to make sure everything is ok medically (the vet can't put him down unless he is really deemed to be a danger to society).
Many times dogs bite because they are displaying dominance and they don't know their place in the pack. Because your sisters dog has already done some damage I would look into getting a pet behavioralist as soon as possible so that no one else gets hurt (once he is cleared medically).

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