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My Sweet Little Girl Daisy

by Daniel Antone
(Dublin (Columbus area), Ohio, USA)

Daisy on her 10 month

Daisy on her 10 month

Daisy is almost 11 months old now. These photos were taken on her 10 month "birthday" on October 12, 2012.

She is a female, and was the smallest in the litter of 3. Her mom had 4 pups - 2 males and 2 females - but one of the males didn't make it, despite best efforts.

I got Daisy from a very high-quality breeder. Daisy's brother and sister were kept by the breeder because their mother has retired, and she wanted to keep the line going. I thought of rescuing a puppy, and I totally support that. I used to volunteer at the local Humane Society to walk dogs and spend time with them. There are plenty of very good, great dogs in the shelter. I know that they're not at all full of "bad" dogs, or "throwaway dogs" that no one wants - it's just that SOMEone didn't want them. Usually due to human reasons. Anyway, I thought about doing that, but ended up going another way - I really wanted a JR, and I wanted a terrier that really LOOKED like a Jack Russell. Some of them out there look funny to me; like they have a lot of something else in them, or are much too big or just don't look or act like a JR. It was just a preference I guess, and I did a BUNCH of research for over a year about the breed, and the options for getting one, and owning one, what's involved, etc....I finally found a lady who I felt was a great breeder; did it for love of the breed and love of dogs - probably loses money on breeding and showing. She's really into the JRTCA, and seemed to be doing all the right things, and offered to have me come up and meet her and her dogs and see where they were (her house). I did go up and it was all very legit, and her dogs were beautiful, well cared for, and friendly, robust.

I was planning on getting Daisy's sister, for weeks before we went to pick her up. Even when I was there ready to take her home, it was Daisy's sister I was going to take, not Daisy. But as I was playing with them all, something about the littlest girl was just so sweet. I changed my mind and went with the "runt" of the litter; Daisy. She's the sweetest dog I've ever met; she is extremely affectionate and loves to sit on my lap on the couch. That's when she's not running around like a wild crazy thing, which she is most of the time of course :) She wants to chase balls for hours. She and my male Westie have become fast friends, and they run around in the yard and chase each other all the time. Daisy is SO fast! So athletic, an agile. Then they catch each other and roll around, playfully wagging tails and sticking their rears up in the play posture.

Daisy was born 11-11-2012 (November 11th, 2012). She seems to have pretty much reached her full size, but she may fill out with a bit more muscle; we'll see. She's now 12" at the withers, and 12 lbs. She has the prettiest eyelashes even, they're red/auburn colored, and she has the black outline around her eyes.

I'm so glad I decided to get a JR; Daisy is such a joy to be with.

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Nov 03, 2012
Sweet Daisy
by: Hailey

I loved hearing Daisy's story and how you chose her. It doesn't matter where they come from, it's the amount of love you put into them. I agree that getting a dog from a shelter is a great but but like you said, it's timing and other factors that go into the ultimate decision. Kudos to you for doing your research and picking an ethical breeder. It sounds like all the research paid off and you picked the perfect pup for you! The pictures you posted were so precious and I know Daisy has found her forever home!!

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