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my 2 & 1/2 year old Jack Russell (House broken ) has started to pee in the house . I have just moved into my new house where after 3 days he has started. He has a doggie door, and is very well acquainted with it and does use it. How do I break him of this.
Scooter is neutered.

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Mar 02, 2015
Jack started peeing in house
by: Doug

Dogs express anxiety in different ways than humans. A new house can be stressful on a dog and they don't have the words to tell us. He could also be "marking" his new territory. I think you will need to do a back to basics type training (taking him out every few hours) with him just to get him back into a routine. You may want to limit him to one or two rooms of your house while you do this. You also want to buy an enzyme based spray from the pet store to make sure you get rid of any marking scents (other sprays don't completely get rid of the smell for the dogs).

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