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by helen
(Southend on Sea)

Hi, My daughter's 8yr old JR bitch has always been a little snappy around her food, however, since having her cruciate ligament repaired, she has turned very nasty. She's always been over-excited when anyone knocks on the door but lately has bitten everyone who tries to put her on her bed when anyone visits. There are also 4 cats in the house - 2 of them there before the dog, One a Siamese was bought the same time as the JR & get on so well & sleep together. A year ago my daughter bought a Brown Oriental Male Cat (neutered) and about 2 months ago the JR has started attacking this little cat for no reason whatsoever, to the extent that during last week, my grandson of 23 had to physically prize the cat out of the dogs mouth, the dog actually had the cat's head in its mouth. She has bitten him so badly on the leg on another occasion. Its now so bad that she has only to see him in the room and goes crazy to get at him.

My daughter is taking the dog to see our Vet on Wednesday and is in a dreadful state over this because there is a possibility that the Vet will say "have her put down". Does my daughter rehome the cat or is there a possibility that the dog will start on the other cats. Any advice will be much appreciated.

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May 01, 2012
Jacks and cats
by: Jennifer

Some jacks and cats get along great and others don't. However, Jack's usually can't be totally trusted around cats. Because your Jack has taken a particular dislike to this new cat, I would unfortunately think about rehomeing it before anything worse happens. Because the other cats have been around for awhile, I think they are fine (do keep on eye on them just in case).
It sounds like your daughter's Jack may still be in some pain from the operation which is why she is snapping at people, especially when they try to pick her up. I would talk to the vet about this and see if everything has healed properly. Let us know how everything goes!

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