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naughty dog

by jackie

Hi weve got a jack russel mixed with a chowahie shes so naught she rubs of .chews everything and jumps up at every one who comes why does she do this shes only 7 months old

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Dec 18, 2013
Jack puppy jumping and chewing
by: Anonymous

Your Jack is just a puppy still. It's up to you to do the training so she doesn't do this while at the same time keeping in mind that puppies do this, it's very common. When she jumps up on you, just ignore and walk away. And when she bites/chews, say "no" and put a more appropriate chew toy in her mouth. Make sure she has a wide variety of chew toys. I would also see about taking an obedience class with her so that she (and you) learn commands that will help her behavior in the long run.

Good Luck!!

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