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Need Advice..

by Rae
(Melbourne, Florida)

I swore I would not get another dog, cat, horse or husband...however! I have an opportunity to acquire a re-homed, year-old, male, Jack Russell locally. I am an experienced previous owner of JR's and simply adore them. I'm retired now, so am at home all the time. This male has all the physical attributes I prefer, but, I can't get much direct info. from the now owner. Reason given for rehoming...their larger dog gets too aggressive with the JR & they are afraid the JR will get hurt!! That's it! Well, I, personally, have never known a JR that backed down from ANYTHING! So, I'm skeptical as to the real reason for giving him up. I don't know if they are the original owner (since puppyhood), his origin, oh, just about every question imaginable has crossed my mind. I don't want to pursue this without some direction from those who aren't emotionally I am becoming! Ha! I, of course, will go see this little fella' in person, but I need help on exactly WHAT questions/information I should acquire before seeing him. I am just trying to avoid any obvious problems stated, his photo won my heart. I also am trying very hard to talk myself out of this little fellow...I live on a fixed income and the extra expense might prove too much...that's the down side. The rewards of companionship are as important to me. So, if anyone out there has a few moments to spare just to give me some direct thoughts to keep in my head before doing something brash, I would greatly appreciate it. No other pets are in my home. I have a medium sized fenced in side yard for running & I plan on lots of walking my neighborhood here in Florida. And, yes, I am the "alpha" when it comes to my JR's....was always proud of how my JR's trouble at all. Many thanks to all for your time/response. Rae

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May 23, 2013
by: Deborah

I agree with you about there has got to be another reason why they gave up that JRT....Soundslike you know alot about Jacks I own 2 boys Elvis and Apache Elvis just turned 6 and Apache is around 2 years old...When I got Elvis he was given to me cause the other owner was never home and worked alot and I pet sit out of my home here in Florida Sarasota Fl and Elvis was not socialized at all and would attack anything on a leash and he was so Alpha and with me pet sitting with other dogs all of that changed completely around and then about almost 2 years ago we rescued Apache he came to me from Miami and he was aroubd 11 months when I got him....Im addicted to Jacks myself and I have heard that you should never have 2 of the same sex in 1 household but my 2 are perfect brothers and I want to save another in the near future and Im wanting a female so badly.....Sounds like you saved this little guy from I do not know what :)
Please keep me posted on how he is doing here is my email address
Where in Florida are you located?I would love to see some pics of your new baby I would be more then happy to send you some of mine of my boys.....
Good Luck and stay intouch

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