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need help with disconnected rescue dog!!

by Jemma

hi (but of a long story here)

I've recently taken on a new JRT 2 months ago off someone who's dogs couldn't handle him unfortunately. She admitted that she bought him from a puppy farm but i couldn't say no to the little guy - he deserves a good home and we were after a companion for our jack-chi aged 4 and a half. They love each other and get on really well considering their personalities are so different which makes us really happy.

It just seems that whilst the new addition (Jasper) has a lovely temperament, he hasn't had any proper connection to a human being. For starters - no one knew exactly how old he is!.

It's been hard, but i've persevered because he's so lovely. However he seems so disconnected at times - especially on walks.

The only way i can describe him is an observationalist!. He very rarely barks and you can pretty much see right though his eyes with a blank expression. its quite sad at times.

He always props himself up with a cushion and watches out the window.

Hes pretty good with regards to house training but he still has a way to go - which is understandable considering he hasnt had the proper training or attention.

The only thing i struggle with mainly with him is walking - at first he would squeal when being taken for a walk with our other dog (even on his own but worse with the other dog). He would pull so much, he would make his toes bleed. I've exhausted all the purchasing options! - Ive tried everything, halti, extension leads etc.

His paws are so rough from the pulling.

I must admit hes getting better, but does anyone have any tips with regards to pretty much rescue dogs on walks??

Also, when I let him off at the field - its like my voice has no recognition to him - he totally ignores me and runs wild!!

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I wont give up on him - just need to see if others have had a similar experience and what they did.

p.s we've taken them out separately before and its not much different to be honest - plus i want him to learn to walk with his doggie housemate!!

also his last owner admitted she pretty much kept him in a cage (which was way too small) most the time due to her other dogs. This has affected the way he runs - he runs sideways from not being able to spread out in his cage :(

i threw the cage away as soon as she gave it to us as I do not use cages for my dogs!.

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Feb 18, 2014
Rescue Jack Russell having trouble in leash
by: Jennie

I admire you for your perseverance! Rescue dogs are not easy and it sounds like you are putting your heart and sole into this one. I know Jasper appreciates having found his forever home! When you talk him for a walk, have you tried high value treats? It sounds like he would need to start for the very basics of leash training. Stand a few feet away from him with the treat and having him come to you and then gradually increase the distance. Also, have you thought about an obedience class for him. It might increase his confidence. And then when you do set him off leash he will be better (hopefully) and more willing to respond to your request to come back.

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