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Neutering Death

My 9-month old JRT male puppy was neutered today and never came out of the anesthesia. Vet said he had a fast heart rate, but he said that of two other JRTs in for neutering (mine + two from a freind). My friend talked to the receptionist later (an acquaintence) who stated that Samii (my pup) was acting scared and they give him "'three', and the other two 'two'." Don't know what that means as yet, but doesn't sound right. Sammi was pure bred, the resuilt of two highly praised JRTs and did not have a heart problem. Is the vet trying to cover his tracks?

I am really upset and don't know where to go next. Am thinking of sending him to A&M for a necropsy (sp?). I think this vet should reimburse me for the $500 I paid for him. Have not talked to the as going to ask two vet friends of mine for advise.

Also looking for advise on this site.

Thanks in advance...Jim

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Jan 16, 2012
Jack died during procedure
by: James

I'm so so sorry to hear about the loss of your Jack. I can't imagine what was going through your mind hearing that shocking news.

There is always a risk with anesthesia, though usually rare in the case of neuturing. Were there waivers that you signed? I would definitely go ahead and have the necropsy done especially for your peace of mind. To win a case you would need an employee to testify for you, particularly one that was in the operating room - which I think would be difficult to find. There is a possibility if there was neglegence that you could win in small claims court because the vet may just want to settle and not fight the battle.

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