Neutering Male Dogs - Reasons for Dog Castration

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Neutering male dogs is a wise idea if your dog is a house pet. Uncastrated dogs have a tendency to escape from home and go wandering to find a bitch in heat.

How Are Male Dogs Neutered?

Neutering male dogs is achieved by castration (removal of the testicles). Castration can be done two ways. The testicles can either be surgically removed, or the dog can be given chemical injections. Surgical removal means that your dog will never be able to father puppies. Chemical castration merely lowers the dog's urge to mate, but it is still fertile.

Chemical or Surgical Castration?

Chemical and surgical castration generally cost about the same. Some people believe that chemical castration is not safe for dogs, but further research is needed on this point. Surgical dog castration on the other hand has proven long-term health benefits in terms of preventing testicular and prostate cancer. In cases where the dog's testicles have not descended properly, the risk of disease is even higher and these dogs should definitely be castrated. The only downside to surgical castration is that it is irreversible and you cannot show a surgically castrated dog, so if you are unsure about whether or not you want to show your dog, chemical castration may be an option to consider.

Why Choose Dog Castration?

There are a few major reasons to neuter a male dog.

Castrating a male dog will help to prevent the annoying tendency of dogs to get out of your property and roam around the streets looking for a bitch to mate. Male dogs can smell a bitch in heat up to 2 miles (3.2 km) away.

Castration is also proven to reduce aggression problems in male dogs. If you have a particularly aggressive dog it may be the result of male hormones. In this case, neutering may calm your dog down a bit.

The least personal but most important reason to have a dog neutered is the factor of dog overpopulation. There are already too many dogs in the world to let your male dog wander around the neighbourhood and sire unwanted and unloved puppies.

Neutering can have benefits for your dog's behavior and training, but it won't solve all your problems on its own. Download my free special report for more information on training.

Dog castration can also sometimes be a solution to your dog soiling the house. If your dog is constantly marking his territory by relieving himself on the sofa, neutering may help to ease the hormones that cause him to show territorial behavior. It can also be a solution to compulsive leg-humping problems.

Consider Your Dog's Future

About 80 percent of dogs killed by cars are unneutered males out looking for a bitch in heat. For Jack Russells, cars are the number one cause of death. So if your dog is a family pet, do what's best for him in the long run and have him neutered. Talk to your vet to find out more.

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