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new jack russell and new 4 month old kitten....

by mary ann
(shosola NJ)

My beloved jack,Cricket passed away the week before christmas.I've lost pet's before,but Cricket was was part of me.My son got me a 4 month old long haired kitten whom i've come to care for very much.I was also very, very lucky to find the perfect jack russell in a rescue,he can't replace Cricket,but he is a new love to grow with. The rescue said he got along with cats at the rescue.As soon as he saw the kitten he went into ful attack.I don't know if the fact that it was a kitten and not a full grown cat had any thing to do with it or not.I've since seperated them.Can any give me advice on how to handle this,I will not get rid of either of them and would love to have them living in the same area. thanks for any advice given

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Jan 09, 2012
Fighting like cats and dogs
by: Susan

So sorry to hear about Cricket. Having lost one of my Jacks earlier this year I know how hard it is. Congrats on your new adoptees though. Cats and dogs can coexist but since both of your guys are new they both new time to adjust to their surroundings. I would keep them apart for now and in separate rooms and would rotate who gets freedom (keep one in a cage or in a closed room). That way they get a chance to explore the house as well as become accustomed to each others scent. I would then do a more structured visit with your Jack on a leash or in a cage and have the cat be in the same room. Until your Jack is not growling/lunging then it is not safe for them to be together. Even when it becomes safe, I would still supervise their time together and have them sleep in separate areas/cage your Jack when you are out of the house. As they get to know each other you can gradually relax on this.

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