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new jack russell mom being sick and pups eating it

by amanda
(sutton colfield)

i have a lovely jack russell who has had 7 pups 6 weeks ago they are being weaned and just have a little suckle off mom for 5 mins a day the trouble is when i feed the mom not long after she is sick and lets the pups eat it i have given the mom little treats and she is never sick when she eats them only with her food i am wondering if she is trying to wean them herself on her own food the food is whole when she is sick as though she has not digested it and is saving it for her pups she is a rescue jack and i only had her for 3 days and was told by the vet she was due to give birth within 3 days in which she did she had been living in a shed for 3 years and has been a fantastic mommy

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May 09, 2012
Jack female regurgitating
by: Anonymous

It's not uncommon for a female to do this to feed her pups, it goes back to the days of the wolves. As long as your dog is peppy, drinking enough water and seems energetic enough I wouldn't worry too much about it - although it couldn't hurt to check in with your vet just in case. It may be good to food her away from the pups so she can keep some of her food down so it doesn't affect milk production. Kudos for rescuing this dog and to care for her during birth and beyond!

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