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new jack russell terrier adoptee

Just rescued an all white JR. Adorable and the greatest
personality. Love him. Very trainable. Two problems. Barking and Hair.
I've never seen a dog shed like this before. I'm picking it out of mouth and
out of my food like crazy. Brushing is not doing a thing to calm it down. Do
most JR owners keep their dogs in the yard most of the day and crate when they
come inside for hair reasons or please give me some ideas. Also, bark use or not to use? Any other ideas on how to get the constant

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Nov 18, 2011
Jack Russell hair
by: Joan

Congrats on your rescue Jack! Jack Russells unfortunately shed alot. Consistent grooming helps. I try to use a variety of different types of brushes. I bought a "furminator" off of Amazon and that definitely helps alot. I don't think crating him or keeping him outside will make a difference with the hair issue, somehow the hair manages to travel and you will find it all over. A good vacuum and a lint brush helps:-)

Bark collars can help in the short term but are not really recommended because you are not solving the reason why the dog is barking. Plus, it's not fair to the little guy. Consistant training helps. Is there a particular time when your Jack is barking?

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