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Newborn JRT!! We are so THRILLED

by Courtney

Thank you in advance for your assistance!! My beautiful JRT gave birth to 4 beautiful JRT puppies last night. Everything went very smoothly and we now have 4 healthy puppies! This was her first litter and my first Jack Russell litter. I was suprized when I saw that one puppy had distinct black markings, another had a black ear and a small area around his eye, and the other two we solid white.

The dam has prominent brown markings and my sire is gorgeous and tri-colored.

My question is, do they continue to develop their markings or should I expect to have two solid white JRTs?

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Jan 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

Congrats, you contributed to the pet overpopulation CRISIS. Thanks to you there are four more puppies in this world, while your finding homes for your puppies, dogs and puppies will be being killed in a shelter.

Don't breed and buy while homeless pets DIE!
Spay and neuter your pets!
Adopt from a shelter, save a life.

Jan 19, 2012
Newborn JRT !
by: Deborah

I would love to see pics of the babies so much.I have 2 JRT,s and they are my Best friends in everyway.You can expect them to be just about all white because Jacks are usually have a lot of White but the markings will stay with them also.
Please email me the pics of all of your Jrt,s even the Mommy and the Daddy?My email is


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