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Not eating & won't stop biting puppy.

by Chloe

Hello everyone.
I bought a Jack Russell Terrier about a week ago. He is roughly 12 weeks old.
The owners who bred him had him on CSJ Little Champ dry food. She told us to soak these biscuits and give them to him 3 times a day as a meal. She had previously soaked some and given it to us to give to him when we got home. We gave it to him and he ate the whole lot so quickly. But ever since, he has not been interested in it.
We visited the vet yesterday for his first needles, and we told her of our situation. She suggested that we mix some wet food with it so it would be more tasty.
We bought James Beloved wet puppy food. Mason only likes to eat it on its own, and when we mix it he doesn't seem interested still.
We really don't want him on wet food, as dry food seems better for him. Why is he not interested? We called the owners up and they seem to be baffled as all the other puppies are still eating it.

Can anyone help?

And also, i know he is a puppy, but he is REALLY biting alot. And its beginning to hurt now, i'm not sure how to stop him. He is not interested in his chew toys most of the time.
I try telling him 'No' in a firm voice but he ignores me.

Can anyone help with that?
Thank you.

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Sep 05, 2012
More about chewing.
by: Becky

Our puppy class instructor also told us last evening that around 8-9 months, when the pup has their second set of teeth they go through another chewing phase. It is another battle with chewing and biting. The best suggestion she had was to offer them something else while you're removing what they have in their mouth. Also, keep up with the shrieks when they bite you.
Hope your pup is eating better by now. We put a little wet food on top of the dry food in the morning. It does help her eat. The rest of the day is just dry. But she doesn't care that much about food...and is growing and healthy. So I think they just regulate what they eat.

Sep 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

I do that also... when my jrt plays and accidentally bites me I let him know it hurts, i'll cry a little and look sad, he stairs at me with big cutest puppy eyes and wonders what happend. it works.. haha

Aug 10, 2012
Tips for stopping puppy from biting you.
by: Becky

We have two Jack Russel Terriers. Our youngest is just 14 wks. old. We have started Puppy Einstein [training] classes. One of the tips this week is to stop biting. If your puppy bit another dog, that dog would shriek or yelp. So when it bites you, you need to shriek or scream. It works! I have used this method with all of our dogs, and it does work. Also, have something else to put in their mouth to divert their a little rawhide chew or dog toy. Hope this helps.

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