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not wanting to sleep

by Dragana
(Barcelona - spain)

My Flix is 8 months old and has slept in this crate since arriving at 3 months and always slept right through the night.
He has a basket in our lounge where he loves and lays down and goes to sleepafter excersing outside and then he walks to his crate to sleep behind a doggy gate sowe do not close the crate door ever just this gate.
A week ago he starts whining and biting the gate starting at 01.00. We have taken him outside in case he needs to releive himself again but wants to play.
When inside he goes directly to the basket and falls asleep. We have tried putting him in the crate straight way but the whines as well.
also he has started to whine in the mornings too at 06.30 when usually we open the gate at 07.30 for his walk.
health wise he is ok.
Could this be some hormonal problem or the crate is no longer his haven?


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Jan 04, 2015
by: Dragana

I am surprised to have received this as it has been months since I sent this comment to you.
Well I have to stay that Flix got over the problem himself, how? He's getting maturer. It's obvious that whatever profesional help we've asked for these things sort themselves out by growing up. Flix stopped doing this almost by the end of summer on his own ... all of a sudden he stopped whining once lights out then he stopped asking for attention with the safety bar and now he goes to his bed on his own leaving us alone with the TV and lights on and even with visitors. He now just leaves his basket and goes to bed quietly, no fuss and no waking up til 08.30 the next day. Amazing. So please all you sufferers out there not sleeping because your JR does not to sleep this will stop. After all these are intelligent dogs and know what we want them to do. Sometimes I even tell him to go to bed and he goes immediately with no treats or pampering. This still leaves me with tremendous pride that my Flix and I communicate well. Also his peeing in the house has stopped a while ago and now calls my attention that he want to go out. Totally in love with this dog of mine. It gets better and better.....

Jan 04, 2015
Jack not wanting to sleep
by: Vivian

I think that Flix has learned that if he whines he will get your instant attention. Who doesn't want their owner to come running to play with them!
I would try a few things. Try placing Flix's crate the furthest away from earshot so that you don't hear him at night. Cover his crate with a blanket so that it simulates night. Put a toy or two in his crate so he has something to do- stuffing a kong with peanut butter and biscuits and then freezing it can keep a dog occupied for a long time. You may also want to have a tv or radio playing in the background.
The important thing is that you have to go cold turkey and stop attending to him. If things don't get better within a week or so then it may be time to try some other things. Good luck, Flix sounds like a fun loving little guy!

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