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Odd eating habits

by Ginny
(Mill Valley, CA)

Why does my JR-Chi mix eat/chew sticks, rocks, mud clods, and snails? Every evening he brings in a steady stream of inedible objects. Sometimes the branches are over 3 feet long. He breaks the whole thing into 2 inch pieces. We take inappropriate objects away amd replace. I'm worried for his teeth, gums and stomach.
He is a rescued runaway and was very thin and bedraggled when he was brought in. He's healthy and happy now (3 months later) except for this strange diet.

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Mar 14, 2012
Odd Eating Habits
by: Deborah

It is not uncommon for dogs to do this I just rescued my second Jack and his name is Patch and he is 15 months old and he chews on branches,Rocks etc...He will stop after he relizes there is no taste in that I would think!LOL

Mar 13, 2012
Our purebed Jack Russell
by: Anonymous

It is not uncommon for a mixed breed to do this. Some end up having their teeth worn down to half the size because of chewing on rocks. You have to catch him doing this and either flick him on the nose and tell him no sharply or flip him over on his back a tell him he can not do this, and make sure he is looking at you as they do not like to be diciplined and will try to look away.

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