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Oh my

by Christina
(New york)

I swear jack russells can squeeze anywhere!!! Who agrees!!!! My JRT is the most despicable, sneaky, diabolical Jackie the world may know!!! She will run all over town and by now inthink everyone in my neighborhood knows her. She will crawl through people's fences like no problem. Once she had ran away and of course I was running after her like a chicken with it's head cut off!! After she slipped through the neighbors fence I thought " how the am I supposed to get through here lol. After I climber the fence I swear to god a raccoon tried to attack me!!! Ahhh, after all that I am this close to getting her and she turns around and slipped through my legs. I searched for her for about 2 hours and when I come home. She's sleeping on the couch!!! Oh my....

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Jan 15, 2012
Jack Russells
by: Susie

Those Jack Russells sure can be trouble, but yours takes it to the extreme :-) You need to get some youtube footage of your misadventures, I'm sure it would be a sensation and very very funny!

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