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Old Age

by Caz

My Jack Russell is 19.She has lost a lot of weight but is still eating and drinking and going for walks but I am terribly worried about her as I know she has lost her smell but I dont want to put her to sleep

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Mar 24, 2012
Jack Russell getting older
by: Betty

Kudos to you and your Jack. You have kept her happy and healthy for quite some time! Mine is 14, I only hope he can make it to 19!!
My Jack has started to lose his eyesight and sense of smell. My vet told me to get some soft dog food and warm it up a bit in the microwave because that brings out more of the flavors. I put on toppers such as cottage cheese, cooked chicken, etc to add extra calories. Also, I learned about this from reading this "satin balls". It's a recipes using meat to help dogs gain weight quickly. I would make sure your Jack is eating a couple times a day to help put on some weight and also make sure she is well hydrated.
I say, as long as your dog seems happy and her tail is wagging, I wouldn't worry about putting her to sleep just yet.

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