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Older jack (13) tearing up carpet and licking furnature

by C
(A2 Michigan)

I have a 13 year old Jack. And yes, he’s a jack- meaning he is very stubborn-determined. But, I have remained the “alpha” and he has adapted wonderfully… until now. In the past 2 years, he exhibits very aggressive behavior towards all other dogs- fight it or mount it mentality- He is now tearing up carpet- and obsessively licking furniture. Over the past 2 years he has cost me thousands of dollars in carpet/drywall repair, and damaged furnishings. I love the old man, but ….. He KNOWS what he’s doing is wrong. When he tears up the carpet, and I come home- he goes directly into his kennel- KNOWING he did this, and Im angry- but he just wont quit. In the past, I have never kenneled him while Im at work during the day- but have been forced to now because of the cost of damages.
Im ready to give him to a family member/or find him a new home because he has just become so difficult to deal with in social environments with other dogs, and with the destruction in my home. It’s almost as if my good dog has TOTALLY lost his mind! Please help!

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Oct 28, 2013
Jack Russell being destructive
by: Jane

I think crating is good for a dog. It definitely cuts down on destruction and don't feel bad about it, many dogs seek a cozy shelter and actually like crates. I also would limit the rooms he is allowed in for now. Does your Jack have enough chew toys to keep himself mentally stimulated? You could get a Kong and fill it with peanut butter and biscuits and then freeze that. It will take your Jack a long time to eat that and it will keep him occupied for quite some time. Also make sure he is getting enough energy out - Jacks need to have lots of physical activity to wear them out -so a long walk and a few short ones. You could consider hiring someone to do a long walk during the day to help wear him out. It sounds like your Jack was never properly socialized. You could consider hiring a pet behaviorist to help you at home and in the community or possibly to dog training classes. And it never hurts to check with the vet to make sure nothing is wrong physically - if this is a change in his behavior from 2 years ago.
Hope this helps!

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