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Our dog won't sit with me

by Chris chesters
(Sheffield uk)

I hope someone can cast some light on this please?

I met mt my partner 4 years ago & she has a jack (Bliss) who was 12 at the time. Everything was fine & Bliss soon associated me with throwing her ball, as soon as I walked in the house she would drop the ball at my feet.

As she got older, her desire to play ball has stopped & then last summer she stopped even wanting to be on the settee with me. She will sit on the settee with my partner but as soon as I come in the room & sit down, she ju,ps down, comes in the kitchen & sits there on her own all night.

I've never been cruel to her & it's upsetting that at almost 16, she's spending her twilight years as a recluse in the kitchen.

My partners colleague mentioned yesterday that she thought her jack was going senile as he has started refusing to sit on the settee with her & her husband.

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May 26, 2013
Jack not wanting to spend time
by: Beth

Unfortunately as dogs get up there in years their personalities can change as well. We had a rescue growing up that developed dementia and would just wander around the house aimlessly for hours. There is not much you can do. I don't think our dog was lonely, just not the same dog it used to be. Just because your partner's Jack won't sit with you anymore doesn't mean he doesn't love you anymore, it's just that he is functioning at a different level and may not associate smells or experiences with you anymore. Maybe giving him some treats when he is on the settee so that he associates it with positive feelings (like the ball in the past). Or you could go into the kitchen and pet him. Our dog Princess no longer would seek us out and we would have to seek her out or interrupt her wandering so she would notice us. It's heartbreaking to see a loving dog change like this but can be a fact of life.

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