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by Mariola
(Melbourne, Australia)

A classic Bonjuk facial expression

A classic Bonjuk facial expression

Our baby Bonjuk aka BonBon, has been with us since the 3rd of Feb 2011.

He was 12 weeks old when he blessed our lives and was selected by his brother Minish (pictured below) At first he was a little shy and very scared of pretty much everything, but after realising that his mum,dad and brother adore him,he opened up and has become a very loved memeber of the family.

His constant cheerfulness is just heart warming and even though hes a non stop eating and farting machine as a doggy mum I could not ask for a more loving baby.


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Sep 30, 2011
suggestion to reduce f*rting: bonjuk's, not yours, unless you need it to of course ;-)
by: Mikey Likey's Mum

Just a few suggestions: Check food ingredients for SOY. Many pet foods use it to cheaply raise protein levels. Years ago, switching to soy-free pet foods cured this problem for both our dog and cats. One dog didn't have the problem but boy howdy, the min pin surely did. She could clear a room!

Many folk aren't aware that SOY is a top food allergen (for humans and animals). In USA it has to be listed along with milk, eggs and wheat in bold letters as an allergen in ingredient lists for humans. Of course no such rule/restriction applies for our dear furbies.

Again, just a suggestion. This may not be your Bonjuk's problem. If not, maybe check for other allergens. I've been amazed to what some animals turn out to be allergic.

If Bonjuk is simply eating too FAST, you may want to try putting rocks (big enough he won't swallow) in his bowl. He has to slow down to eat around them. Don't laugh. It works! Or at least it did for my min pin (may she RIP).


Jun 09, 2011
Jack Russell- Chi
by: Anonymous

hahha...I hear you on the non-stop eating/farting machine..... Our Jack-Chi is the same way.

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