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Over Excited 1 year old Puppy

by Maggie
(Brisbane, Australia)

Our one year old Jack Russell x Maltese puppy acts overly excited and or frustrated nearly all the time.
She is loving, playful and is really well socialised and loved by all who meet her.
But when not being played with she is barking at anything from the TV to a leaf blowing in the garden, or a toy that she hasn't seen before, as well as neighbouring dogs, cars, throwing herself at us. Chewing and gnawing the fence. Throwing and dragging her clam shell, as though it was a rag doll, even when filled with water around the patio. We are at home all day. She has lots of toys and chews and is taken for at least one walk a day and a daily visit to the off leash dog park. She will not obey any commands unless she really wants to, even when treats are offered. HELP PLEASE

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Feb 18, 2014
Over excited Jack Russell puppy
by: Julie

Since she is not following directions, have you tried an obedience class? That is a good way to practice commands in a closed in area with lots of guidance from trained professionals. The mental exercise combined with practice at home may cut down on frustration on both your end and her end. The class will also help build her confidence. And maybe consider adding on another long walk. Maybe you are not getting out all of her pent up energy even with what you are currently doing. And also try keeping very calm around her, not getting your voice to excited so that she doesn't get "revved" up even more.
She sounds like a sweet lovable dog and I'm hoping a little obedience training will help!

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