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My jack russell is lazy and won't poop outside.
If I'm in the area he does....however if he can't see me it's like the lazy side kicks in.
Want tips and tricks of any kind

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May 28, 2020
Jack Russell Terrier Won't Poop Outside
by: Anonymous

It sounds like you need to continue working on housebreaking your Jack Russell Terrier. Take him out to poop in the same spot in your backyard where he can see you and give him a command such as "do your business." Reward him each time he does this, for several weeks. For several more weeks, take him out to poop in the backyard but stand further away from him...and then reward him when he goes. When he can do this, try being with earshot but out of his sight (although you can still see him)....when he poops, reward him. Continue to give him the verbal command of "do your business." When he accomplishes this, you can then try to have him go outside and poop by himself, although give him the verbal command still. Be sure to reward him each time he does poop, when he re-enters the house. Eventually, you can fade the rewards and no longer do them when he is fully housebroken

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