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I don't have a question but I wish to make a comment. I rescued an eight year old Jack Russell from the Humane Society. He was emaciapted and had pneumonia. I fed him and treated him with antibiotics. When he became well enough he was occasionally very aggressive toward other dogs. I treated the aggression with amtriptylline. The next problem was obviously severe pain. He would scream and lift his leg and allow me to pick him up and carry him inside.

I hired a vet other than the Humane Society and he examined him thoroughly. We did X-Rays of both front legs. The radiologist found nothing wrong with his leg but he had severe arthritis in his back. Since this was a very holistic vet, he was treated with chiropractic and acupuncture. After about 8 weeks of weekly treatment he became happy and pain free and is now beginning to play with our other dog.

We saved the money of having an MRI or considering surgery. We protected him from himself my limiting his activity, particularly jumping. He is still a Jack Russell but is much calmer now that he is pain free. He went to a veterinary hospital for the acupuncture that presented him with a lot of dogs. I ended up using a muzzle and a bark collar and an essential oil mix called Relaxation.

The muzzle is an inexpensive plastic one typically seen on Jack Russell's in racing. I got it from the Pet Edge catalog.

The bark collar is the kind that shocks him. I have it at the lowest level. It was a phenominal tool. He learned immediately not to bark when it was on. I use it intermittently and only when he is under stress or threatening his sister. If he can't bark, he stops being aggressive. If I walk him or take him to the veterinarian, he always has his bark collar and his muzzle on. He has a black mask so I bought a black muzzle. People don't even notice it. The shock collar has a pulse setting that I will go to when he appears to stop forgetting about not barking.

We are doing very well and he is very happy. But, I can see why he was thrown away. We are thankful that we worked with him and would do it again. We are going to do maintenance visits with the chiropracter and revisit the acupuncture if the chiropracter think another flare up is developing.

We can pet him and hold him briefly and he smiles at us all the time. If he exibits aggressive tendencies is is presious resource aggression.

I was a several month journey to sort out the pain and aggression from each other. We could not touch him when we first got him but I always remembered that when we met him he immediately jumped into my lap and just sat there. He also rode home from the Human Society in my lap. He has been with us for seven months now and is still learning. He is so smart that he learns to change his behavior.

I believe that most people would have returned him and recommended that he be put down. I believe that most people would have thought that a Jack Russell could not learn new behaviors at the age of eight years but he has.

I call him a Parson Russel Terrier. His legs are very long and he looks more like the pictures of Parson's. I assume that he damaged his spine jumping, which he did all of the time. He would reach about 4.5 ft. But also, he was in the street for a long, long time.

There is hope and this is definitely the smartest dog I have ever owned. I would do it again.

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Mar 29, 2011
by: Jen

Wonderfully touching story! :) I wish more owners would be as patient and less dogs would be thrown away. And for what? His little back was hurting and a bad back makes PEOPLE mean too. Chronic pain is no fun. Happy to hear a story like this. :)

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