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Parsons Russell Terrier Problems

by Brian Hupton
(UK Derbyshire)

A few days ago we had a Parsons Jack Russell age 9years old
from a Dogs Rescue centre.
He is a fantastic and loveing dog, now he's settling in we have noticed some issues that concerns us we are both in our earley 60s
1 When birds fly over he gets very excited and starts barking, 2 He try's to catch flys,3 We have a medium sized garden which we let him roam in, But he jumped over our fence from a standing position which is over 3ft high into neighours garden not good,3 when walking him he is pulling on is lead, he is full of energy.

Can some please advice.

Kindest Regards

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Feb 19, 2014
Rescue JRT problems
by: William

That is very kind of you to rescue an older Jack! One of the issues with rescue dogs is that you don't know what kind of background they had prior to coming to you.
The barking at birds and trying to catch flies are now learned behaviors. You can try and distract your Jack when this happens. You can say "quiet" and then offer up a toy. Kongs filled with peanut butter and biscuits are always a hit, or something squeaky. With the fly catching, I again, would try to redirect him. Obedience training - if there are classes nearby would help a lot with this because he would learn commands like "sit", "quiet", "stay.

In terms of being in the yard - Jacks are hunters by nature and if they see something in the next yard over they can easily scale a three foot fence. I'm not sure if getting a higher fence is an option. Or putting in a long wire high lead so that your Jack can have some freedom in the yard but can't escape.
Jacks, even at age 9 have lots of energy and need daily long walks. Can you hire someone to hep with the walks? There are many services that will come mid day while you are at work.

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