Partial paralysis in my dog's legs

by Greg
(Columbus, OH)

One week ago, we found our older Jack Russell, Reck, who's around 14-15 years old, on the kitchen floor with only one of his legs working. Our vet thinks he had a stroke, leaving him unable to stand/walk on his own. The vet stated our dog is healthy and prescribed medication that (hopefully) will bring him back to "normal" (we understand the medication is not a guarantee to full recovery).

It has been one week since his stroke and although Reck eats and drinks normally, he is still unable to stand on his own. He has attempted to walk from a 'crouched' position, but falls over after his first step. In addition, when we pick him up or put him down on his bed, we must do it very slowly because he will otherwise yelp in pain (he is taking pain medication).

Has anybody experienced this with their Jack Russell?

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