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Patch biting in playing

by Deborah
(Sarasota Florida)

How do I get my 1 year old Jack his name is Patch to stop biting he sometimes bites hard but it is done in playing not aggression at all.Patch pulls on my pant legs shoes etc. and I would like to know how to stop it even when I try to give him a Kiss he tries to do it to my face?Patch is still a puppy.Here is my email to answer me also

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Feb 05, 2012
Patch Biting
by: Deborah

Thanks I have tryed that too but sometimes it works and sometimes not I do know he is still a pup just being 1 year old I thought about getting some Bully Sticks but I know it will work teporarary but I will try anything LOL He is such a Baby doll I have 2 Jacks 2 boys and Elvis my 4 year old does not do anything like this?????

Feb 04, 2012
Jack biting
by: Gina

Our dog Lucky was doing something similar. When your dog Patch bites, say "Ow!" and draw your hand away quickly. You don't have to scream or shriek, but communicate through tone that you are hurt. Then, get up and walk away. Ignore him completely. If he chases after you, ignore him, pretend he isn't there. If he keeps trying to play, shut him into a room by himself (a dog safe room with nothing to play with or destroy) - you can leash him to the doorknob to make sure he doesn't get into trouble - and leave him there for about 5 minutes,kind of like a time out. The trick is to do it consistently - nothing will confuse a dog more than being allowed to do it sometimes and not others. Make sure that when Patch is playing correctly, make sure to give lots of praise.

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