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Pauline mum of TWM 9 month old JR

by pauline
(Wales UK)

After having TWM,such a loving and intuned little boy,We have decided to have his brother and sister from the same mum and dad. They will be 8weeks on saturday,August 10thI have just been reading about the problems some owners have had introducing new pups to JKs already living at the home,he loves other dogs to play with and loves it when they come into the garden to play with him.what i would like to know has any one have ideas to gentle ease the introductions. thanks Theyre names will be TILI,&TEDI

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Feb 20, 2014
Introducing new puppy to JRT
by: Sally

I love their names, so cute! I would take introductions very slowly, if possible. First, meet on neutral grounds - like a sidewalk or a friends house or a uncrowded park. Keep it short and sweet - 5 minutes or so with both getting lots of treats, with both on leashes. Give them a chance to sniff each other. Then meet in your backyard doing the same. And then when you are ready, put the new pup inside the house and then have the older one go in. Again, keep things short and sweet with treats. Have them "re meet" a few times in the house.
Best of luck!

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