Pauline Twms mum

by Pauline Twms mums

Hi Twm and his sister Tili brother Tedi are all doing their own thing, at this moment, Twm playing football, Wales needs him, Tedi watching the the Jays through the window, Tili is watching the newest puppy, yes number 4.He, Scooby arrived 4weeks ago weighing 14oz age 8weeks, under undernurished, a tiny little thing, first stop the vets, for checkup, to small for his injections, needed to build him up, So night feeds cage rest and all the love in the world, of course Tili is the main carer,she has just had her periodso is very motherly, as Scooby is in my bedroom, daily routine is run on a rather tight schedule. Firstly down to let Tili Tedi out from their cages Twm follows on down behind me.they storm out into the garden birds flying before them, Tedi jumps up hoping to fly, a daily thing.Twm with ball in mouth

to take to our nextdoor neighbours and leaves it out side their back door for later play. Tili is back in up stairs to Scooby to checking in on him, while this is going on I'm feeding my cats and our stray Jack who lives outside in a dogs kennel out side the dinning room window.
scoobys turn next his last feed was 6am so ihave sometime to dress. Cage cleaned and changed, playtime in the bedroom then to vets.brilliant scoobys trebled his weight, now he can have his injections, so he can now come down in the day to join in the fun, can we can all look to ahappy future. Xx

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Dec 30, 2014
Happy Day
by: Gina

Wow, touching story. You have a lot of heart for these little guys, they are very lucky indeed. Happy that shots were able to be administered and everyone went about their happy way. You have your hands full but it sounds like a labor of love!

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