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PC TAylor

by Taylor
(Norfolk, UK)

My Parson JRT is female, 7 years old and has a long standing skin condition caused by house dust allergy.

After many investigations and treatments we tried homeopathy with no luck and sadly we have reverted to a pharmaceutical drug (for 1 month now). She is on an allergy free biscuit food which she gets twice a day with fresh meat (chicken, rabbit etc) and a selection of fresh vegetables.

She is white but today after bathing her i have noticed that her actual fur on her back is turning black. She has always had black spots n her pink skin but this is actual tuffs of black growing through, She was washed and clipped 2 weeks ago and this want there then so its a sudden change.

Has anyone got any insight? Is this a normal ageing symptom?

Thanks for any help.

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