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peeing in his bed

by Michael

I have a 10 year old jack russell who still pees in his crate and in the house. He will go for a while without doing it like a month or two and then out of no where he'll start peeing in the house. I'm talking walk right up to the crate and peeing either in it or next to it. This has been on going since he was a pup I've tolerated for 10 years but now I'm really frustrated by this behavior. Any ideas?

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Jun 22, 2012
Jack peeing in crate
by: James

10 years is a long time for your Jack to be doing that - and even longer if you count it in doggie years :-). The problem is that it's part of his routine/daily life and he doesn't know any better.

I would buy a good enzyme based cleaner and enzyme based detergent and wash everything really well, scrub down that whole area - because dogs have a keen sense of smell and will revisit places they have made over and over.

I would then read into basic dog training for puppies and completely retrain your Jack. It will take time and patience but hopefully you will break your Jack of his habit. You will need to put him on a strict potty training schedule, taking him out every few hours, keeping him sequestered to only one or so rooms of the house, and constantly monitoring him. Don't be angry with him because this is not his fault, he's been getting away with it for 10 years so he doesn't know better.
Hope this helps!

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