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Peeing in the crate

Hi there,
I have a few questions for yas about me and my girlfriends four legged children;
We have 2 Jack-chi's (brothers) who share a large crate. They are 2 yrs old, they aren't neutered and we do have territory markings around the house. We've been told that neutering them will fix the territory markings but most days the crate just reaks of pee. We aren't sure if they are going in their sleep or on purpose. We are never both gone away for more then 5 or 6 hrs at a time. Please help!!
Q1: Will neutering them also fix the crate problem?
Q2: Will neutering them cause a noticable drop in engery level? and if yes Q3: Is there any other way to remedy the situation?

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Feb 08, 2013
neutering is a must!
by: Paddy's Mom

Neutering for negative behaviors is a must! Not just for peeing, but def. for marking, Animals who are pets, can't do a good job at being a pet if their psyche is distracted by their sexual drives. There is nothing more than they want than to be your friend and pet forever. Help them to be the best pet they can be by neutering them!

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