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Peeing Problem

My 2 month year old JRT already knows where the bathroom is and usually goes there but today he just peed on my foot on the carpet in my bedroom... Clues anyone as to why he did this...?? I spanked him last night for peeing in the middle of the living room because he knows the balcony is his bathroom... Is it some kind of rebel thing?

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Jan 27, 2015
It's a BABY!!!
by: Christel

I find this quite upsetting and worrying that an adult person would spank an infant dog. It should not need explaining to any human that an infant, wether it has two or 4 legs, can not be in control of its bladder.

Jan 04, 2015
Puppy peeing
by: Byron

While Jack's are very smart, a 2 month old puppy is not old enough to be self sufficient with potty training, just like any child wouldn't be. You can't expect a 2 month old to be able to control their bladders or even a 3 month old. A 2 month old puppy needs to be on a consistent set schedule for walks outside otherwise you will have accidents in your house like you have now.
It makes me very sad that you spanked a helpless puppy for something that was not under their control and not their fault. I think it would help you to read some basic guides to dog ownership and training.
In the meantime by some enzyme based spray from a pet store to get any any smell of pee (regular sprays will not do this) otherwise your puppy will revisit this spot to pee (and I don't want him getting spanked again). And you may want to keep him out of your bedroom until he is fully potty trained.

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