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Peeing when petted

Our Jack is 1-year old. She is perfect! She listens well, does not poop in the house, and can go outside by herself and never leaves the yard. Our issue is she pees when people pet her! She is also a vindictive pee dog! She will pee if she is not allowed to go with us when we leave! Will she outgrow this behavior?

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Jun 29, 2011
Peeing when petted
by: Lisa

When your Jack pees when petted, is it because she's excited? If you see her roll on her back when people go to pet her and then she pees, this is considered submissive urination (which is different then just being excited to see people). Usually submissive urination is more prevalent among young female dogs. Sometimes dogs do this because they perceive a threat. To work on this, keep excitement when greeting her to a minimum and only pet when she is calm (and has been taken out to make). Make sure you are bend down (not leaning over) to greet her. Pet her under the chin versus the head since this is less dominant and make sure not to use direct eye contact with her. Reward her for good behavior with treats and praise. This type of training takes a little time but will work.
When you leave her alone, it is hard to know if she is peeing While you are gone or When you come home. When you come home from being away, I would ignore her for a bit/leave her in her cage for about 10 minutes and then without any eye contact or language take her outside to go and once she has gone then give her praise and greetings. Make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the spot where she has peed in her cage because dogs have a very keen sense of smell and will seek that spot out again.

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