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by Georgia Armstrong
(Lincolnton, NC)

We drove two hours up in the mountains to purchase Pepper from a reputable breeder recommended by a friend. For the past 20 years we've always had Pomeranians, a more laid back breed, and were not aware of what was in store for us. Earlier this year we had been forced to euthanize our two male Poms, Munchkin and Cujo, as the Vet had done all he could for them and although I had prayed for God to take them in their sleep, it hadn't happened. They were the first pets I'd had to do this to and it was quite traumatic. After grieving for many months, I decided I was ready to open my home and heart to another dog. My husband wanted a Rat Terrier as he'd had one as a child. I guess because of this I had done absolutely no research on the breed, something I usually always did. Anyway I fell in love with Pepper, half Jack Russell, half Rat Terrier mix and she with me. We had been home less than 30 minutes with her running around checking out her new home, when she jumped from the dining room into the living room, a drop of less than 7 inches. She didn't let out a sound, but held her leg up. Since she didn't appear to be in any distress, I thought perhaps she had pulled a muscle but had her at the Vet's at 8 a.m. the next morning just to be sure. To my horror, the x-rays showed she had broken her little leg in two places! The Vet wanted to send her to a specialist in another town to have a plate put in at a cost of $8,000 but there was no way we could afford that as we hadn't even had time to put her on the insurance. Our Vet went ahead and put a splint on her leg, warning us to be very careful, because if that didn't work, the leg would have to be amputated. I treated her like a Princess, placing her in my bed, bringing her food and water, toting her out to potty, etc. After six excruciatingly long weeks, the cast finally came off to a diagnosis of all being well. So now she begins to get around. First she chewed four holes in the Oriental rug in my bedroom. Next went three pillows on my bed. I awoke one morning to a virtual snowfall of rubber from my orthopedic pillow. She has destroyed all of her and the cat's toys. Nothing is safe from her chewing. Housebreaking? We can walk her around the yard for an hour or more and she'll come inside and immediately go potty. Nothing that worked for every other dog we've ever had works for Pepper. Trying to get her to come to us turns into a game where she thinks she's supposed to stay away from us. Quite by accident I came across a training program just for Jack Russells. If this doesn't work, I may shave my head and become a Monk. No, really, we love this little dog very much and have tremendous patience and know eventually she'll become the perfect little angel we'd like her to be. In the meantime, I need to run to the store to buy more toys.

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Feb 24, 2013
Jumping Jacks, you mean
by: Georgia Armstrong

Dear Anonymous: Pepper is doing well now. Since I am disabled but hope to be walking again soon, my husband is taking her on a local trail every other day for a good, long walk. He says she is doing very well in this pursuit. I purchased a toy for her that the company GUARANTEED for 30 days or you received a store credit for the price. It took Pepper 30 minutes to destroy it completely. I emailed the company informing them of the results, got my store credit, then offered Pepper to them to pre-test any toy coming on the market.She is a total delight, thankfully so unlike the two boys I had to put down, Cujo and Munchkin. I still miss those boys terribly. Thirteen years is a long time in some ways, not nearly long enough when you lose them. They were always quiet, well-mannered and I thought by getting a little girl dog she would be even quieter, calmer. Perhaps if I hadn't gotten a Jack Russell, my first one! But we adore her and figure by age 10 she will have calmed down considerably. ha ha

Feb 13, 2013
Pepper Jack
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear about your Pom's. It's never easy to lose a family member, let alone 2. I've had to put down a family pet and it was one of the hardest things I had to do! But I'm so glad you have been matched with Pepper. Keep up with the faith! We are new to Jack's as well and our Jack took quite awhile to train and is definitely still a work in progress! I bought the book from this site and that has helped a lot. With consistent training Pepper should come around. Just keep a bit of money in the bank for new toys and rugs :-)

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