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Pet sitter

I'm watching a female Jack Russell Terrier who's 12 years old for the first time. She is not used to anyone but her owner. I'm a pet sitter. I started watching her yesterday afternoon. She is very frightened and won't let me get close to her unless I give her a treat or reward but then only for a short amount of time.
Also in order for her to go outside to go to the bathroom she needs to be on a leash. She isn't used to a leash and will try to bite me if I try and put one on her. So she has been going to the bathroom on a towel as I haven't been successful in even petting her let alone getting a leash on her. She will try and bite if I try to pet her. She will take a treat out of my hand and I praise her for it. I also sternly tell her no if she tries to bite me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm hoping to help Moxie (the dog) have a good experience in my care and ease Mom's concerns.
Thanks in advance

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Aug 31, 2012
Pet Sitter
by: Deborah

Im a pet sitter also you are doing the right thing,Did the owner give you a crate for that Jack?I have 2 Jacks and a Lab/Terrier mix and I always have to do a meet and greet to make sure any dog that comes and stays with me gets along with my 3 and E lvis is my 5YO Jack and he used to be quite aggressive and ever since we got our second Jack and he is Patchie and he is 21 months old Elvis is a changed dog.Here is my email Please let me know how it goes for you

Also here is my websitge to maybe give you some pointers not to say Im any better then you Im far from that!LOL

Good Luck and please keeep me posted?
Deborah From Sarasota Fl

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