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Physical problem or doggie dementia??

by Cara

I am having some trouble with my 10 year old Jack Russell. He seems healthy and normal in almost every way, except for a few times a day he will jump up from resting, sitting, or even sleeping and run across the room. It's like he's gotten stuck with a pin or something. At the worst times, he'll do this and seem very afraid to lay back down in his bed or go back to where he was when he jumped he's scared or thinks it will happen again. One night he even worked himself up so much that he was panting and shaking.

The vet says he doesn't seem to be in pain otherwise and he's been happy to go for walks, eats as usual, and is otherwise pretty good. He has started urinating inside at times--usually when he's worked up (because he sees a dog outside) or isn't in the same room with me. I'm not sure if the two are related or not.

We're doing tests (blood work, urine tests) but in the meantime, I thought I'd see if anyone else has experienced the same thing. It seems like some of this behavior is similar to symptoms of doggie dementia, but I hope not. He's only 10 and is very alert and active.

Thanks for your input!

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Mar 28, 2013
Exact same problem
by: Lisa

I am having the same problem. My 11-year-old JRT jumps like he has been stuck with a pin. Tries to hide, climb all over me, trembles, like he is petrified. Vet cannot figure it out. Please tell me if you have any info on what this might be.

Apr 06, 2012
Physical problem or dementia
by: Sylvia Ford

Just wait till you get all the results back from your vet. If a Jack Russell is upset he will pee anywhere and even poop in the house.
They need a lot of attention and exercise,or will rebel.

Apr 05, 2012
by: Deborah

Jacks at 10 years is not old at all I have friend of mine who has a 20 year old Jack named Turbo and he is still going strong.As long as he is in no pain or anything like that he should be just fine Please let me know what the vet says?Here is my email address
I have 2 boy Jacks Elvis is 4 and Patch is 15 months old and Patch I just rescued about 5 months ago and I also have a Lab mix named Abbie and she is 8 years and they are my world always.
Good Luck and please let me know what happens?

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