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Pixel's eating issue +

by Diane
(Chesterton, IN)

Pixel, a 12 yr old Jackapoo, had readily eaten ~1/2 cup of mostly the same brand of dry food 2X per day for 11 1/2 years, then one day she abruptly refused it. Since then, for about 8 months now, she accepts new food brands for a couple of days then doesn't eat them either. Her vet says dogs won't starve themselves and that she's just holding out for tastier treats, and advised me to just leave the dry food out and hold my ground, since that's better for her. She does love her tiny Milk Bones and veggie treats. She's gone from about 25 lbs. to 18 lbs. During this time her hair has matted more than ever, too. Otherwise, she seems fine. Her 18 lb. weight is actually a better weight for her 13 in height. Any ideas?

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Jan 04, 2015
Jack not eating food
by: Tara

It's a little concerning that your Jack has lost some weight. I'm wondering if you should get a second opinion from another vet just to make sure everything is ok healthwise. In the meantime I would try topping his food with some enticing things like canned pumpkin(which is also good for digestion), cottage cheese, cheese, peanut butter, chicken, yogurt, vegetables, etc. Also, the pet store sells a doggie "gravy" that you can put over the food. Sometimes as dogs get older they lose their sense of smell which can also affect their taste buds. I've heard of some people adding a bit of water to the dry food then heating it briefly in the microwave to release some more of the scent for older dogs.
Hope everything is ok with your Jack!

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